SRK G-1 : Brand endorsement journey of King Khan in a Day!


If we go by TV ads, a typical day in the life of Shahrukh Khan would be:

Gets up

Brushes with Pepsodent

Shaves with V-John..

Takes bath with Lux soap, rinses hair with Clinic All clear…

Applies Navratna Oil (Thanda Thanda cool) and rubs Emami Fair and handsome cream on his face…

gets into Lux Cozi

wears his Belmonte / Mayur suitings and Liberty shoes

wears his Tag Heuer & Omega ( one on each wrist)

drinks a cup of Tata tea with Sunfeast biscuits..

picks up his Nokia phone with Airtel connection…

drives in  Hyundai to go to ICICI Bank where he signs cheques with Linc pen..

He then gets home in the evening..

relaxes in his Nerolac painted house..

Has Top Ramen Curry Smoodles while watching movies on his Compaq Presario laptop

Drinks Pepsi / Frooti  to beat the heat

Watches KKR match on Dish TV on his Videocon..

Calls his friends over to have Bag piper / ROYAL STAG ( in case he wants to make it LARGE )

Before that, gives Geetanjali jewellery to Anushka sharma ( oh wait! shouldn’t it be Gauri Khan :O)

and finally has a spoon of Himani Sonachandi  Chyawanprash before going to bed on D-Decor mattress.