Jungle Jungle pata chala hai…

“Jungle Jungle baat suni hain pata chala hain……”

Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ created magic and is still doing so…. But what made him think about the story of a jungle boy and tigers…… ??? The Jungle where there are 55 Tigers present (Maharashtra + M.P combined), proving that the ecological life cycle is going on smoothly….. the clean , dense very well maintained wildlife reserve spread over 300 sq. km “PENCH National Park Tiger Reserve”…. Yes this very jungle inspired him to write the Mowgli’s world….. and aptly so.

Before going to Pench I was a bit reluctant… as to how would the things be… as it was my first ever Jungle Safari … but the group of 18 including active colleagues with enthusiastic kids and couples bought fun… Spotting tiger was like seeing God for them… and then I too realized why was it so…and the journey began…

08th December – Left Pune to Nagpur by Garib Rath( don’t get misleaded by the name, it is a nice train) ……

09th December – Reached Nagpur….. and then left for the Silliguri Jungle Resort which was just outside the Pench national park.

We stayed at Silliguru resort which was truly beautiful and well managed. A small camp fire @ night made the nights lively.

10th December 1st Jungle safari Morning 5:30…. We were so excited when we saw a spotted beautiful golden deer near some tree… but as someone very rightly commented “ kantala yeil itki distil… :P” (you will see so many till you get bored!) and then we had to enter the interiors of the jungle……. we were all set to go and enter a totally new world. We were guests in their world. So had to behave accordingly, lest we meet the same fate Kaali from Kaal gave to the erring tourists.

Kaali from Kaal

And the Gypsy ride began…… yes it was always on the wish list to have a gypsy ride…. But a open gypsy to spot animals was a surprise package altogether and boy was it exhilarating …. and then the journey began… flocks of Spotted deer’s everywhere…It was awesome… Peacocks, Sambar, Barasingha, Jackal, Byson and ‘n’ No. of beautiful rare birds including kingfisher, Indian roller, orange shark ( I cud only remember these many names :P)

…. and then in the evening safari @ 6pm… our gypsy was the first one to spot the tiger.. it was just awesome… she was just trying to cross the road in front of us. What an attitude !! the way she walks, care a damn approach …. and her style…. we were truly awestruck…. I had never imagined I could see a tiger in a such a manner except zoo….. awesome experience………..


there was another ride the next day..the same animals …. but everytime the pathways seemed different , mysterious, as if opening up the secrets of the jungle slowly… the forest was very well managed and different types of trees mostly Sal, others were crocodile trees adding beauty to the nature….

And the jungle trip ended on a very satisfied note……… spotting so many animals….. as we had entered the jungle with zero expectations….. 100% satisfying and worth watching experience….. we were so used to spot the animals in the 4 rides… that after leaving Nagpur and travelling back to the station.. even after seeing buffalo one shouted “ Hey guys, a Byson…..look at it “ 😛

All in all it was a fun filled trip and we all enjoyed a lot!!!!!


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