5 Things Every MBA Student must know


Recently,  had the opportunity to deliver a guest lecture at my B-school. It was a tremendous feeling going back to the same hallways where I first ventured a decade back, with a spring in my step and butterflies in my stomach. Of course, this time around I was more confident being at the other end of the classroom/auditorium. I was amazed to see the students are much smarter than what we were (No offence meant to my batch mates and super seniors: P)

Subsequently, the interaction with the students got me thinking and I pondered if I could come up with an easy to remember success “Mantra” for these budding management graduates. Some time back, I wrote an article on ‘corporate jargons‘ and why they make so much less sense. But to give them their due, they do make life easier since we tend to remember short forms pretty easily.

So taking a cue, I thought of coining a new abbreviation which is ‘B-MINE.’

I hope B-MINE mantra (with its passionate appeal to young MBA students) is easy to remember and will appeal to all – die hard romantics and studious book worms alike.

B– Branding

M– Market Trends

I– Inter personal communication

N– Networking

E-Extra curricular

  1. B- Branding

Like every other commodity out there in the market, consider yourself as one. When companies consider recruiting you, they consider the value you bring to their organizations. As such, your perceived value is derived from your ‘personal brand’ – the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you ‘YOU’. This is what differentiates you from others. So, start building your personal brand.

  1. M- Market trends

Be aware and abreast of changing market trends. Many students asked me about Business analytics/Data science/ Big data/AI/Digital marketing during the session. Clearly, they were abreast of the latest technology and market trends. The corporate world demands professionals, not just highly qualified students. What can set you apart from others is your level of knowledge of things around that indicates how much value you can add to a company. Begin by understanding different sectors and try and consolidate the market domain through practical exposure and on-field experiences. Always ask why and keep the bigger picture in mind.

  1. I -Inter personal Communication

This is a no-brainer. Irrespective of your field of work, all professionals are expected to possess a certain degree of communication skills and fluency of language (English in most cases). Brush up on your communication skills and appear confident and clear when you communicate. So, get on your class/project presentation and get feedback from your faculty and peers for improvement. Be warned, it is not only about speaking, but listening skills are very critical too.

  1. N- Networking

I can’t emphasize this enough! Networking is the key to a minefield of opportunities. Starting from Day 1, get into the habit of introducing yourself and talking to new people. You must be ready with your elevator pitch (a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in you). This helps you connect with people from varied industries and experience levels. You never know when a small connection made today may help you in the longer run. If you haven’t made one, go and make your LinkedIn profile today!

  1. E- Extra –curricular activities

During your B school days, be proactive and participate in all extra –curricular activities like class discussions, industrial projects, internships and alumnus interactions. This gives you the edge and deeper insights in to the dynamics of different industries, be it banking or retail or media.

Whether it is, a full time, part time or executive MBA, following the B-MINE mantra will help you garner the most value from your management education. I look forward to connect with you and hear your thoughts.

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44 Things you must DO before you move in to your 30’s

1. For the love of your own life, Don’t smoke. If you’re already smoking. Quit. The excuse that work stress made you do it, is not worth it.

2. Get exercise to be part of your daily routine.

3. Focus on quality not quantity.

4. Food/Beverages: Learn, experiment, try out, taste all different types of foods. You eat 3 times a day if not more. Everyone on Earth follows the same routine, get to know food and you can break the ice in so many situations. Besides, its very tasty!

5. Cooking. Learn it. Its fun. You will get to enjoy food more and the company that comes with it.

6. Learn about Finances. Even if it might be boring, learn about finances. You must be able to calculate your own tax and pay your Income tax returns. To make money, you need to understand money, unless you  are very lucky (which very few people are) .

7. Start saving. Get into the habit of tucking a few Rupees/ Dollars every week. Try to build up savings for a rainy day. Remember, Inflation and Time Value of Money are greatly going to affect your quality of life in the future. If you do not know about either ‘Inflation’ or ‘Time Value of Money’ , Refer point no. 6

8. Invest in property. As early as you can. Property in the long run, will always give you a profit. Besides, you never know if you could afford that 2BHK in the future you have been eyeing for a long time.

9. Don’t get caught up in self-pity

10. Be Happy in whatever you do. If you’re not, why push yourself through it (be it life, work, personal relationships, hobbies, etc.)

11. Read. Read as much as you can, especially History and People. So many things will make sense to you.

12. Love the Outdoors. The more you are out and away from your desk, the greater the chance of enjoying life and meeting up with people (accidentally and/or by choice).

13. Dress/Attire. Learn to dress well. It pays back in multiples in life.

14. Frugality. Learn it early enough in life. You’ll thank yourself later on in life.

15. Management: Learn and read up as much as you can about being a Manager, Management Techniques, etc. Even if they may not be applicable to you right away.

16. Deliver on your word. For your word is worth more than your weight in gold.

17. A long time from now will be now really soon.

18. Reading about science is much more fun than I thought.

19. Make sure you are doing the things you want to do, because at a later age you might not be able to do it any more.

20. If you are unhappy about your job, try to find a better one. You’re going to spend a lot of time at work.

21. Make sure you can be happy on your own, your relationship might not last. And if you are happy on your own, you will have more fun together.

22. Don’t care about what people say. Do care about what friends say.

23. You can take more life risks now than you probably ever will be able to again. Your whole life is still ahead of you, and most of the life choices you’ll make at this stage aren’t necessarily permanent.

24. No opportunity is worth being taken advantage of.

25. It’s totally cool to go back to studies/ college/ university if you need to. There’s no shame at all in picking up new skills.

26. Spend at least a year living and working in a foreign country. It’ll change the way you look at everything.

27. Money does actually matter, sadly. Try and have some kind of cushion: it’ll come in handy if things go wrong, but it’ll also come in handy for experiments.

28. Read every contract before you sign it, and always think about what it means in the worst case scenario. (Seriously.)

29. Find happiness within yourself, not from other people, and certainly not from things. Unhappiness leads to terrible choices.
Related: know that your own value is no less than anybody else’s (but, conversely, isn’t more than anybody else’s, either).

30. Keep your body healthy. It might seem indestructible now, but it won’t, sooner than you think.

31. Don’t be tied down by cultural norms, traditions or what everyone else is doing. And flatly ignore your fear of missing out.

32. Be impeccable with your word. (I try not even to tell white lies. Sometimes it is hard to tell the absolute truth but I have noticed an improvement in my relationships and a lessening in anxiety since I adopted this rule.)

33. Don’t take anything personally. (The hurtful things people say nearly always have far more to do with their own unhappiness than anything else.)

34. Don’t make assumptions. (Don’t assume you know what someone is thinking or why they’re acting like they are. Ask and you’ll nearly always find out that your assumption was wrong.)

35. Always do your best. (Realizing that your best one one day is not as good as your best on another day.)

36. The best time to take a risk, you can leave a high paying job at this age and try to do something which maybe you will not be able to do later.

37. Instead of just joining a gym, which is more difficult to stick onto, join a sport too, that ways you will be more motivated to take care of your body.

38. If you are planning to start something of your own at this age, you are probably going to fail the first time, but you are probably going to be successful if you stick and work on the aspects you failed at.

39. Don’t be a hedonist. If women, alcohol, gambling or even eating out frequently has become your only tools to happiness then it’s time to change.

40. Sort out the things that pull you. If there are people, past mistakes etc, that are pulling you, making you anxious then it’s time to sort them out and let them go.

41. Don’t judge people by what they say, judge by what they do.

42. Make good friends, the ones who will stick during bad times. And remember not to rely on people for happiness.

43. Health. Take care of your body now and you will have to spend less on fixing it later. Eat healthful food, workout, and stay away from the typical vices – your body will thank you later in life.

44. Be careful who you surround yourself with. Be careful what you choose to close an eye to.

A little parcel of happiness

Street Kids

A Study found that two thirds of the world’s hungry live in just seven countries: Bangladesh, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. In India, 210 million people ( 18% of the total population) are undernourished.

“You can find Calcutta anywhere in the world. You only need two eyes to see. Everywhere in the world there are people that are not loved, people that are not wanted nor desired, people that no one will help, people that are pushed away or forgotten. And this is the greatest poverty. “  – Mother Teresa

Our planet produces enough food to feed its more than 960 million undernourished people. The basic cause of global hunger is not underproduction; it is a production and distribution system that treats food as a commodity rather than a human right.

Coming back, Had a family dinner in a good restaurant yesterday. Of course we had a special reason to celebrate@!

In our enthusiasm ,we ordered more than we could eat. Everybody was full to their hearts content.

Settled the bill. Excess food. Somebody said, hey get it parceled for Tommy at home ( cliched name for a dog, isn’t it? but that’s the way it is!)

So we take the parceled dog food,jump in to the car and drive away.

5 minutes and we are the traffic signal. arrgh…this signal is taking a lifetime.

Just then, I look to the left on the road side to find street children everywhere — at every intersection, in every railway station, every tourist spot — 18 million in total across the country.

We now clearly see the  scruffy kids who beg, steal, shine shoes and smear car windows in an effort to make a few rupees.

And then the realization dawns upon me- how lucky I am – to live, to eat, to stay with people i love and people who love me back.

We can all make change, no matter how young, overwhelmed, busy, or broke we might be. Sure, we can’t all go out an start our own orphanages right now — but for starters, we can do small things like this. Like donating your old school dress, shoes, clothes you find you won’t be wearing anyway, food if possible.

Doing simple acts of kindness not only makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, it helps others to feel worthy. It also motivates them to want to pay it forward.

So when are you giving some one a little parcel of happiness ?

The 50 jargons of corporate life!

This post talks about the various jargons which we use in our day to day / office life , whether knowingly or unknowingly. It  tries to give some business/management gyaan. Wonder how the essence of what is said below could be explained to people, if it were not for these jargons.

The question is why does a company do business?

‘At the end of the day’, it’s money that matters right? A business happens when it is a ‘win-win’ situation for both the parties.

Business is often decided on what each partner ‘brings to the table’ and what ‘core competencies’ both have to offer. So when the ‘C-level’ executives of both companies agree to ‘buy-in’, they have basically ‘sealed the deal’.

Now, the question remains of the ‘business model’. It so happens that now the guys below the ‘C-level’, ‘circle up’ to have some ‘facetime’ (it’s time and not book!) with each other. Here, a detailed ‘high level’ meeting takes place to discuss the ‘functionality’ in ‘granularity’, so that the ‘end to end  features’ and the best ‘value proposition’ can be offered to the ‘end customers’

There could also be a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way the companies operate. They could offer part of services or offer customers ‘solutions’ to their business problems or even go for ‘turnkey solutions’ (trunkeY or even Turkey  for some)

 You see ,this entire ‘ecosystem’ comprising of consumers, partners, innocent bystanders, and, increasingly, competitors is  a complex one. The idea is to be at the ‘center of your ecosystem’, so integral to its operations that the actions of all other participants seem to benefit you as much as them to remain ahead in this competitive ‘space’

And so, there is a need to build a ‘Centre of excellence’ ( NO Centre’s of failures, this time round!) to be and remain the ‘best in the breed’.

The ‘center of excellence’ will have ‘resources’ working on ‘mission critical’ projects. It’s essential that a ‘critical path’ is followed and the team ‘dialogues’ with each other either ‘online’ or ‘offline’. Wherever and whenever required the resources shall ‘touch base’ with their colleagues.

They will need to plan their ‘tasks’ well lest they run out of ‘bandwidth’, or physical, mental or emotional capacity.

The requirements need to be ‘disambiguated’ and ‘drilled down’ to have a clear understanding. Remember, a ‘30,000 feet view’ or a ‘helicopter view’ or a ‘bird’s  eye’ view is not always sufficient!

‘Resources’ will need to ‘peel the onions’ carefully and NOT compare ‘oranges with apples‘.. Always remember, Apples are to be compared to Apples, and oranges to oranges and so on and so forth. They shall be required to be ‘proactive’ and ‘leverage’ their ‘learning’s.


This will help the company ‘ramp up’ production and increase their ‘reach out’.

For this one, old telecom services ads are to be blamed that encouraged folks to “reach out and touch someone.” Obviously, the ‘resources’ can’t actually reach out and TOUCH anyone due to the organisation’s stringent sexual-harassment policy. But they can “reach out” (but, again, no touching) to a co-worker for information, support, or to start one of those crucial conversations.

‘Going ahead’, the organisation needs to get in to the ‘driver’ seat to be an ‘enabler’ of an ‘robust’ ‘world class’ constitution. Naturally, to achieve all this ‘Best practices’ are to be followed.

Now, take a wild guess, how many of these jargons you have heard or used in your life. if  you haven’;t hurry up!  because  YOLO!



You Know You Grew Up in India in the 80’s and 90’s when…


Those golden days..

1) You know the words to ‘In-pin-safety-pin’ and ‘akkad-bakkad’ by heart
2) Cricket is almost a religion for you, and you idolize at least one of Rahul Dravid/Sachin Tendulkar/Saurav Ganguly
3) You have read at least some Chacha Chaudhary or Tinkle comics.
4) You’ve watched Shaktimaan on TV at least once in your life. And you can immediately recognize the character when you see him.
5) You have some ‘NRI’ relatives.
6) You couldn’t wait for it to be December so you could have the Toblerone chocolates your NRI relatives brought you
7) You watched Cartoon Network, and then the late night movies on TNT that came after Cartoon Network ended.

TV watching consumed 80% of our time….

8) You watched corny dubbed versions of Small Wonder, Silver Spoon, and I Dream of Jeanie
9) You were THRILLED when McDonald’s opened in your neighborhood (or even eight kilometers away)
10) A visit to Pizza Hut used to mean a special treat
11) You have seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun at least 5 times each
12) You still remember the theme song of Hum Paanch. (Hum Paanch, Pam Pam Pam Paanch!)
13) You have played hours upon hour of running and catching, chor-police, lagori, saankli, ‘Doctor, doctor, help us!’, ‘Lock and key’
14) You have seen girls play ‘Amina Super Sina’ more times than you can remember. (And you still don’t know what it means!)
15) Dog ‘in’ the bone was your favorite co-ed game.
16) Much of your free time in school was spent playing UNO.
17) You collected trump cards of wrestlers, cricketers, and airplanes, and did not quite understand why your younger siblings were obsessed with Pokemon and the other Japanese trends that followed.
18) Your summer vacations were often synonymous with visiting your grandparents or cousins
19) Your parents, at some point, told you ‘Dark Room’ was a bad game to play. But you still loved playing it.
20) Bole mere lips, I love uncle Chips!
21) You know the song ‘Made in India’ by Alisha Chinai
22) You have seen many many many episodes of ‘Antakshari’ on Zee TV and know the only thing constant in the show is Annu Kapoor.
23) Many evenings have been spent watching little kids gyrate vulgarly on Boogie Woogie on Sony.
24) You were the coolest thing in class if you had a computer in your house while it was still the 90s.
25) You learnt LOGO and BASIC in school!
26) You couldn’t wait to start 4th standard so you could start writing with PENS instead of with pencils!
27) You often used terms and phrases like ‘two-say’, ‘same to you, back to you, with no returns’, and ‘shame shame, puppy shame, all the donkeys know your name.’
28) You most probably saw Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge at the cinema at least once. You also fantasized about singing songs in mustard fields as in the movie.
29) You have seen David Dhawan and Govinda movies and laughed at them.
31) You have said ‘haw’ or ‘yuck’ when you saw people kissing in English movies. (nowadays kids are used to it!)
30) Titanic was your FIRST favourite english movie.
31) You thought seeing English movies and speaking English made you the coolest thing ever.
32) You remember the Gujarat earthquake very clearly and could possibly tell everyone EXACTLY what you were doing when the earthquake occurred (yes, this happened in 2001, January 26, 2001, to be exact — but this group is about the things that Indian kids that GREW UP in the 90s remember and identify with).
33) Barbies for girls, and GI Joes for boys were the ultimate status symbols. You just wanted more more more and more. And how can I forget Hot Wheels, for both boys and girls?
34) You thought ‘imported’ clothes were definitely way better than ‘made in India’ clothes (never mind that a lot of clothes brought from overseas by NRI relatives were actually made in India, before ‘Made in China’ started appearing on EVERY existing thing)
35) “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai! Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hai Phool Khila Hai!” You watched “The Jungle Book” every Sunday morning at 9.a.m” and just loved mowgli, bhalu and bagheera. A few years later, you watched Disney Hour, which had cartoons like Aladdin, Gummy Bears, Tail Spin, Uncle Scrooge!
36) At some point or other, cool was your favourite, and therefore, most overused word.
37) Captain Planet was your first introduction to environmental consciousness.
38) You have tried to convince people around you to not burst crackers on Diwali, and then gone straight back home and burst them yourself.
39) You have had endless packets of Parle Gluco G biscuits, and of Brittania Little Hearts biscuits.
40) You loved licking off the cream from the centre of Bourbon biscuits.
41) There were no Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma- Bata and Liberty was the way to go for your sports shoes.
42) You have probably consumed more Frooti in your lifetime than there is oil in Iraq.

Fresh ‘n’ juicy…Mango frooti

43) You watched Baywatch on Star World when nobody was home even though (or because) your parents said you shouldn’t watch it.
44) You bought packets of potato chips for the specific purpose of collecting Tazos. And you had Tazos depicting everyone from Confucius to Daffy Duck to Daffy Duck dressed as Confucius.
45) For the longest time, the Maruti 800, the Premier Padmini, THE Fiat, and THE Ambassador were the only cars you saw on the road, and the Contessa was cool because it was bigger.
46) You would literally jump up in excitement if you ever chanced upon an imported car (Oh my gosh, is that really a MERCEDES?)!
47) You spent a good part of 1998 drooling over the Hyundai Santro and the Daewoo Matiz , debating which one was better.
48) You used to Fuzen gum. You also chewed Big (big) Babool and/or Boom Boom Boomer chewing gum. They were bright pink and disgusting tasting, but you loved them for the temporary tattoos.
49) Talking of temporary tattoos, you sometimes had contests with your classmates about who had more tattoos on their arm, leg, knee, hand, forehead, wherever.
50) You thought Mario and Contra were the coolest things ever invented, especially if you were a boy.
51) You knew that having the latest Hero or Atlas bicycle would make you the coolest kid on the block.
52) You can imitate Sushmita Sen’s winning gasp to perfection.
53) You have, at some point of time, worn GAP clothes (real or fake) like SRK in KKHH.
54) Seemingly senseless acronyms like SRK, DDLJ, DTPH, KKHH actually make sense to you..
55) You have at some point debated who was more beautiful- Aishwarya or Sushmita.
56) Baskin Robbins ice-cream was THE thing to have!
57) You know what Campa Cola is. And you also knew that Coca Cola was THE drink.
58) You would watch WWF keenly every evening/afternoon and loved Bret Hart “Hitman”! really thought Undertaker had seven lives and he made an “actual” appearance in the Akshay Kumar- starrer Khiladiyon ka Khiladi.

WWF superstar Hitman

59) When all backpacks (or ’schoolbags’) and water bottles and tiffin boxes had strange cartoon characters that were hybrid versions of seven or eight different characters, and you still bought them, because a green man wih a water pistol, boots, a jet-pack, Johnny bravo hair, a rajasthani mustache, gloves, and underwear (long johns) over his pants, called ‘Mr. X’ was OBVIOUSLY a status symbol.
60) You remember the Nirma tikia jingle.
61) You remember the Nirma girl.
62) You remember the ‘doodh doodh piyo glass full doodh’ ad and also the ‘laal kaala peela, gulabi hara neela classic hai badia bristles wala’ and ‘roz khao ande’ ads.
63) You grew up reading, if you read at all, some or all of Nancy Drews, Enid Blyton books, Hardy Boys, Babysitters Club, Animorphs, Goosebumps, Sweet Valley series, Judy Blumes, and Tintin, or Archie comics. Because naturally, reading foreign authors made you much cooler than reading Tinkle.
64) Towards the late 90s (1998-99) at least some of us started our Harry Potter obsessions!
65) You absolutely HAD to go to Essel World if you were with cousins! “Essel World mein rahoonga main, ghar nahin nahin jaaonga main!” (I never went but always dreamed of going there!)
66) You watched the Bournvita Quiz contest on TV pretty religiously. The smarter ones amongst you actually took part in it and had your entire school and your entire extended families watch you on it!
67) Maggi 2 Minute Noodles = ultimate snack (and tiffin, lunch, dinner)!
68) If you grew up in the early 90s, you recall the nation’s obsession with Mahabharata on TV
69) In the later 90s, you religiously followed Hip Hip Hooray on Zee. Maybe Just Mohabbat on Sony too
70) You remember parzan dastur sayin “JALEBI!!!!” in the Dhara Ad
71) You eagerly awaited Friendship Day, so you could give friendship bands to all your friends, and get bands from them in return. Then, of course, those with the most bands loved to show them off.
72) Backstreet Boys’ “Quit Playing Games” was one of the first english songs that you LOVED!
73) Andaz Apna Apna is and most probably will always be your favourite comedy flick!! “Aila Jhakaas!!!”
74) Cordless phones were uber-cool.
75) You know what Name, Place, Animal, Thing is!
76) This list made you smile.


Will the World Really End on December 21, 2012?

World Ending theories

P.S:- It’s 2019 and the world hasn’t ended yet. Hurray!

  1. In 2012, the world shall witness a fight to finish between Christianity and Islamic dharma, 1200 million people are expected to perish! A full-scale nuclear war,the third world war shall announce the end of the present era!
  2. The massive nuclear explosions would cause a slight tilt in the rotation of Mother Earth. Unbearable global warming, melting of icecaps, massive floods, earthquakes, sea waters rising by 10 to 12 feet, waves as high as 1000 feet would be witnessed all over! Nothing would result on its own… all is the result of mass karma practiced by 6500 million people existing on Mother Earth!
  3. December 21st, 2012 has been part of not only the Mayan calender, but also the Tibetin, Egyptian, and Chinese calendars. This is not a doomsday theory, but a reality caused by a natural cyclic event that we just happen to be living through. The natural frequency of the earth is increasing steadily and has been for the last 2000 years, (50% higher then it was 1500 years ago). Why? This is something I nor anyone else will be able to explain. Some things just are not meant to be understood, they just are. It has already been noted within the scientific and shamanistic communities that the earth’s magnetic energy is rapidly dropping and will reach a magnetic 0 on or around December 21st, 2012. This is also included in the mentioned calendars. With the decrease in magnetic energy, we find the life force energy increasing, this is only natural as a balance will automatically re-establish itself. As we get closer to December 2012, a series of spontaneous awakenings and leaps in consciousness will take place in the human realm of awareness.
  4. I have been so enthralled with the concept of this date and the more I research it the more I find that there are so many things tied to this date. You have the Earth’s alignment with the galactic equator, which no one knows for sure if it will have an impact. 2012 is the next solar flare cycle which poses the potential to mess with our magnetic field and satellites to name a very few. Just recently stories are emerging about the tremendous numbers of vanishing honey bees. Billions upon billions of bees, reduced anywhere from 40-80% in certain parts of the US and Europe. These bees are vital to the pollination of our crops. How does this tie to 2012? Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have 4 years of life left.” Look it up. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. At the rate they’re disappearing, should they vanish in 2008, 4 year would be…you guessed it master mathematician, 2012. These are but a small handful of the scenarios that we are faced with in addition to the many listed above. If you believe in the Book of Revelation, the signs of the end times are more prevalent now than ever before. As we approach the thousand year age of Aquarius, this falls right in line with the tribulation and the good vs. evil battle that will end with…a thousand years of peace. If one theory fails there are several backing them up. I truly believe we are in the midst of the end of the world “AS WE KNOW IT,” which isn’t to say we are doomed to annihilation.

I too had a tremendous fear of this date and it began to eat away at me. In some regards it is still very unnerving not knowing what’s ahead. The fact is, what will happen will happen. Live your best, do what’s right, and in the end, right should come to you.

Update: It’s 2019 and the world hasn’t ended yet. Hurray!

Farewell Yoshito Usui : Creator of SHIN CHAN

shin-chanThis post is to pay tributes to the Japanese Cartoonist Yoshito Usui whose death (Sep 30 2009) has left many mourning. The announcement of his passing came following confirmation that the bruised body of a man found on a mountain was that of the creator of the popular Crayon Shin-chan manga and anime series.

Usui made his debut as a manga author in 1987 and sprang to prominence in the 1990s with Crayon Shin-chan, which features the daily life of Shinnosuke, a mischievous five-year-old boy. The series ran regularly in a magazine and was later made into a book and anime.

The manga, which has sold 50 million copies in Japan alone, has been translated in 14 countries, while the anime has been aired in 30 countries.

Shinnosuke (SHIN-CHAN) embarrasses his parents and kindergarten teachers as he often pulls down his trousers and shakes his hips while cracking indecent jokes.

Yoshito Usui will always be remembered for giving us our favorite character Shin-chan.The hearts of all his fans go out to his grieving family.
R.I.P. Yoshito

“Hello..It’s Kshitija calling”

A short story with a twist

It was Friday the 13th and the day had a very lazy start. I was out of bed around 11 in the morning. Feeling quite lazy to go hunting for grub, I made a couple of futile attempts but on each occasion my relatively high inertia persuaded me to stay indoors. So I just decided to stay in my room till 12.30 and then head to the college canteen for lunch.

To pass time, I decided to spend time on the internet. The broadband internet speed had the speed of a snail (Thank you BSNL!) and when I was about to give up, my landline phone rang. I was a bit surprised that somebody was trying to reach me on my land line phone and not my mobile.It was even more stranger as the only people who reached me this way were my close friends in college, most of who had packed off for their homes the night before, following the end of the trimester exams. Still a bit anxious, I answered the call. A very strange voice on the other end quipped “Hey Avi, How are you doing?”. I replied still confused ,”I’m doing good,thanks, who’s this?” and it did sound a bit strange when I heard “It’s Kshitija calling from Delhi!”.  Having no friends in Delhi whatsoever, I wondered why would anyone call me from Delhi!

I’ve never been good at recognizing voices on the phone and it gets even worse when I’m speaking to a person for the first time, but my friend Kshitu’s voice on the phone was a bit of a turn off to say the least. I said to myself ‘How could somebody who sounds so good in person have such a squeaky voice on the phone!.’ Nevertheless, she said that she was getting bored in the new place and just decided to give me a buzz and was about to hang up asking me to call her later. Just then I realized that I din’t have a number to call her on and asked for her if this was her mobile number. She was a bit zapped at this request and did sound a bit ‘off-guard’ and hung up saying ‘Nope,this is not my number.I don’t remember my number, maybe you could get it from Suhas!’

I got back to my laptop, thinking it really was a bit strange for someone who remembers my landline number to not remember her own mobile number! About 15 minutes later my ‘not-so-perfect’ afternoon was disturbed yet again and this time it was somebody knocking at my door. As soon as I opened the door, I got the answer to why Kshitu’s voice sounded the way it did and why she did not remember her own mobile number. The answer was all of 5 feet 5 inches tall standing at my door – Siddhu. As soon as I saw him, I knew beyond a touch of doubt that it was he who’d tried to pull a fast one on me. But he continued with his all-too-innocent look pretending to be absolutely clueless about what I was talking, but after a few minutes he did confess the call he’d made from his new cell number and we both exploded into peals of laughter.

By then it was around 12.30 and the two of us headed out for college and as we were approaching the parking lot, I thanked God that it was Siddhu and not Kshitu who was sounding so squeaky on the phone. Coincidentally as I type this I get a call from Kshitu and this time it really is from Delhi and after having spoken to her on the phone for the first time, I am quite relieved to say that she not only sounds good in person but also really does sound just as good on the phone as well. After a couple of hours, I bump in to Kshitu in the college canteen and she said she never left for Delhi nor did she call me today. Call records on her mobile agree to this. Spooky.

Is Shin Chan a bad role model for kids?

Don’t know if many of you watch cartoon shows or not. But if nothing interesting playing on the idiot box, then cartoon channels are my only savior. I know we all are expected to grow out of them but then some of us still remain a child at heart.

Cartoon shows are no more what they use to be, at least not from what I can remember from my kiddy days. Today in India we have tons of TV channels which are solely targeted at young children as their main audience, all thanks to the Cable Network revolution. These channels not only showcase Indian programs but bring together various kinds of shows from all across the world.

Most of these shows provide nothing more than innocent entertainment value, while some are more focused on spreading basic education and good manners. However over the recent months, the actual impact of some of these fictional characters on young minds has resulted in a great deal of worry for parents.

And here is one prime example.

shin chan

shin chan

Shin Chan

is one of most popular Japanese cartoon series across the world. Its Hindi version titled “Shin Chan” is aired on a popular kid’s channel, Hungama TV. Though Shin Chan may appear to be just another regular kindergarten going child but don’t they often say that “looks can be very deceptive”.Shin Chan often uses fairly impolite language, argues with his mother practically on all occasions, misbehaves at school with his teachers and friends – all of this obviously shown with the excuse of simple ignorance of correct behavior due to his very young age.

Personally speaking, my neighboring  six year old kid is forbidden from watching Shin Chan. The reason is simple “He teaches bad things”, so says his mom.  And quite frankly I can understand why she feels so. In my opinion a character like Shin Chan is more apt for teenagers and adults who love watching animated series such as The Simpsons and South Park. But by allowing children below 10 years of age to follow Shin Chan’s lead could surely result in negative implications. Especially when the concerned character is shown disrespecting his family members, mocking and passing rude remarks towards strangers and his school teachers, pulling down his pants in class room, etc.

Shin Chan’s weird and extremely inappropriate behavior is exactly what makes him popular among young kids. For some he is just a cartoon but for many in that age-bracket he is a role-model.

Now whether Hungama TV opts to give into these complaints by taking the series off air or instead continues to carry on without any hitch – well it is something only time will tell and until then Shin Chan will carry on with his unruly ways.