5 Things Every MBA Student must know


Recently,  had the opportunity to deliver a guest lecture at my B-school. It was a tremendous feeling going back to the same hallways where I first ventured a decade back, with a spring in my step and butterflies in my stomach. Of course, this time around I was more confident being at the other end of the classroom/auditorium. I was amazed to see the students are much smarter than what we were (No offence meant to my batch mates and super seniors: P)

Subsequently, the interaction with the students got me thinking and I pondered if I could come up with an easy to remember success “Mantra” for these budding management graduates. Some time back, I wrote an article on ‘corporate jargons‘ and why they make so much less sense. But to give them their due, they do make life easier since we tend to remember short forms pretty easily.

So taking a cue, I thought of coining a new abbreviation which is ‘B-MINE.’

I hope B-MINE mantra (with its passionate appeal to young MBA students) is easy to remember and will appeal to all – die hard romantics and studious book worms alike.

B– Branding

M– Market Trends

I– Inter personal communication

N– Networking

E-Extra curricular

  1. B- Branding

Like every other commodity out there in the market, consider yourself as one. When companies consider recruiting you, they consider the value you bring to their organizations. As such, your perceived value is derived from your ‘personal brand’ – the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you ‘YOU’. This is what differentiates you from others. So, start building your personal brand.

  1. M- Market trends

Be aware and abreast of changing market trends. Many students asked me about Business analytics/Data science/ Big data/AI/Digital marketing during the session. Clearly, they were abreast of the latest technology and market trends. The corporate world demands professionals, not just highly qualified students. What can set you apart from others is your level of knowledge of things around that indicates how much value you can add to a company. Begin by understanding different sectors and try and consolidate the market domain through practical exposure and on-field experiences. Always ask why and keep the bigger picture in mind.

  1. I -Inter personal Communication

This is a no-brainer. Irrespective of your field of work, all professionals are expected to possess a certain degree of communication skills and fluency of language (English in most cases). Brush up on your communication skills and appear confident and clear when you communicate. So, get on your class/project presentation and get feedback from your faculty and peers for improvement. Be warned, it is not only about speaking, but listening skills are very critical too.

  1. N- Networking

I can’t emphasize this enough! Networking is the key to a minefield of opportunities. Starting from Day 1, get into the habit of introducing yourself and talking to new people. You must be ready with your elevator pitch (a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in you). This helps you connect with people from varied industries and experience levels. You never know when a small connection made today may help you in the longer run. If you haven’t made one, go and make your LinkedIn profile today!

  1. E- Extra –curricular activities

During your B school days, be proactive and participate in all extra –curricular activities like class discussions, industrial projects, internships and alumnus interactions. This gives you the edge and deeper insights in to the dynamics of different industries, be it banking or retail or media.

Whether it is, a full time, part time or executive MBA, following the B-MINE mantra will help you garner the most value from your management education. I look forward to connect with you and hear your thoughts.

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