Mahindra Verito : Are you a Verito Man?

One advertisement that caught my eye recently on TV is ‘ Mahindra Vertio’ advt.

Mahindra & Mahindra (Mahindra) is now ready to go to town with its entry level sedan, Verito. It has launched an ad campaign for the face-lifted version of the erstwhile Logan( which was perceived by customers as a fleet owners car). The new campaign for the Verito depicts the characteristics of its likely owner.

But surprisingly, the new ad campaign does not talk about the car’s features at all. Rather, it attempts to paint the ‘Verito Man’ in bold strokes with an eye on stoking the aspirations of its viewers. However, it is not the lifestyle of the Verito owner that is portrayed; his reaction to road rage is used to convey the DNA of the Verito Man. The ad, featuring Bollywood (successful?) actor Jimmy Shergill, shows the protagonist shutting up a bunch of rowdy youngsters, impatiently honking away in a car-park exit queue, not by using force but by his chutzpah. In second phase, The Verito Man tries to shut up rowdy youngsters who have parked in the middle of the road saying. ” Tum Dayal Babu ke bete ho na”? . To which the surprised youngster says, ” Koun dayal babu” ?. The Verito Man very smartly points out to the road sign bearing the Road name ” Dayal Babu Road”. In the other words, he avoided using the more popular and direct way of asking whether the road belonged to their father . ( There you go Verito man!)

I think the advertiser’s here are driving across the point that a Vertio aspirant has to be a person who would be evolved enough to not lose his calm but at the same time know how to get his own back.

The punchline, ‘Grow up to Verito’ is expected to trigger aspiration.

It works at two levels.

One, it asks viewers to behave sensibly like the Verito Man, at least on the road.

Number two is of-course coax the hatchback owners to upgrade to a sedan.

Now, some +ve s and -ves about the TVC.

A punch line out of “Kaante” the Tagline slightly twisted from Raymonds – “The Verito man”. The originality of this advt could be doubted, but nevertheless the execution and final product has come out good.  Jimmy shergil looks good, but that could be the only good thing about this advt.


1. It depicts a real life situation which we encounter on the roads everyday and the way the situation is handled is a mature way of dealing with it.

2.M&M has created a campaign aimed to build awareness towards road etiquette and responsible motoring, with the Verito as the central theme. According to them, Verito being a sensible, honest and dependable car embodies these very virtues. Through this, M& M aims at getting people to sit back, think, and if required, change their behavior on the roads. The whole campaign aims at driving a positive change amongst the Target segment.


1. The car looks lovely , but it is NOT SHOWN  from different angles in the advertisement. Wanting to be a Verito Man is OK, but you need to have a closer look at the product you are going to buy, isn’t it?

2. Since it is promoted as the Man’s car, women may shy away from buying the Verito.

Watch the commercial here and be a VERITO MAN ( women in case you are one)


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