Funny Advertisements, no?

Boss, what’s with these Advertisements?

You jus’t cant escape these ads.Can you? I tell you they are everywhere!

Now, I won’t say anything if they even make an iota of sense. But No! These advertising guys won’t listen and keep on bombarding this stuff showcasing their intelligence.

i have now decided to accept them as an integral part of my life just like Indians have accepted democracy and indian cricket fans  -failure of the indian cricket team!

Why can’t these hi fi MBA guys sitting in their AC cabins create some good advts yaar ? or advts that make some sense?

Now let me showcase some gems here so that you can understand what i am talking about.

First advt that gets to my nerves is the Fairness advt for Men. ‘Hi Handsome, Hi Handsome’. The Emami fairness cream for men is so dumb (why go to a girl’s hostel to get the girlie cream; why not buy it from the market?)

And apna SRK comes at last and says’ Fairness cream, ‘Mardo’ ke liye’. Ha Ha since when men wanted to become fair. i have always heard of tall DARK & handsome.

I won’t talk about SRK yaar. He is the one who was bathing with rose petals in a bath tub and the actress were sitting surrounding him.Hilarious!

Whenever someone talks about bad & filthy advts, i can’t stop myself from remembering the toilet cleaner ads by Aman Verma / Hussein ….the ads have close shots of toilets and are aired at prime time which make my meals tough…aiiyoo. why don’t these actors and producers play this advts on repeat and have their lunch? Let them also enjoy, no?

And the Height is the latest Domex advertisement which shows a lady wearing a white coat (suggesting that she is a doctor) visiting her neighbour’s house and after cleaning the toilet with Domex – touching the inside of the commode with her right hand  and then giving a hi five to a kid (to prove how effectively Domex cleans the toilet). Eeeks!!

Then another Advt is of JK Cement. Now i was expecting to see  any under construction building or building material, but  NO!  You just get to ogle at  at a model in the Red swimsuit coming out of the fake sea.. It says “naam hai , vishwaas hai, J K Laxmi Cement “.Boss, A red bikini clad girl emerging out of water has literally no connect with the product and is absurd( Not that i am complaining, hehe)

Then going ahead, I can’t bear Samsung Refrigerator Ad even for a nanosecond in which 2 Priyanka Chopras are arguing with each other. One is dressed as Ice-cream and another as Green Vegetable (seriously). Sooo Stupid.

The Nissan Sunny. Sounds more like a Faaaaart than a Caaaaaaaar when the guy in the lift says. its such a baaaaad Ad!!

Then the DEO advts take the cake..Take for example AXE. What you are saying man? If the man puts the deodorant and goes means all the girls will drop their clothes and run behind him is it? What nonsense concept is this yaar? Have you seen this happen anywhere in this world? Then how you expect it to happen in a conservative and traditional and deeply cultured country like India, I don’t understand. Ridiculous fellow.

I am so sick of these advts . And I feel its a degradation of women. They are portrayed as ***-starved creatures (yes creatures not humans) with that deo as trigger.

How much story you are telling? Some girls will come out of the sea, some girls will fall from the sky and some girls even come and bite the men is it? Best is, you are telling ki if I put the deodorant means even neighbour girl will take off her dress in the smell. Bloody, if I put that deodorant means, even I myself cannot smell it after 10 seconds, where will neighbour girl smell it?

Also, there is no neighbour girl concept in this world. That you know? Has there ever been a single eligible neighbour girl living next door to a single eligible neighbour guy? Whose ears you are trying to keep flowers?

But still, men are trying only. Just in case. Who wants to miss the opportunity yaar?

Hello ladies, you too. Don’t just laugh at men for this. How many times you are believing the ad and putting the Clearasil and Fair and Lovely and all the other one million items on your skin and hair? Has anything changed even one bit? No!

Worst ad that gives competition to the others above is Idea 3G . As if people have nothing better to do during power cuts. I mean when first thing you do is find a candle. I feel it is cheaper than those deo ads .6-7 years back I asked my colleague (from UP) why population is so high in UP. He gave some funny answer similar to AB in idea ad!!

And then there are these toothpaste ads (along with my answers to them, fellow members, think and post more Qs and As),-

1. kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai?
Haan, laal mirch aur garam masala bhi hai, Chahiye?

2. Kya aapko malum hai, appke munh me germs hain?
Munh me germs nahi toh kya haathi milega?

3. Ghar me xpert nahi ha kya? (madhuri dixit with dishwash soap)
Hota toh tujhe (bai ko) kyun bulate?

4. Hamara daanton ki raksha kaun karta hai?
Beta, koi aur nahi aata, khud kulla datun karo

Then there is the Alpenlibe advt where Kajol is playing a monkey and monkeys are playing humans. We should ban the person who was creator of this advt.Personally i think Kajol plays the role really well. You know how it is to go in to the skin of the character. Perfect.

Then se see SAIF ( who is so stupid in those paint advts and those vest advts) askings us asking ‘Have I made it large?’ ‘Have I made it large?’! If you itself don’t know means how others will know? Go and ask Bebo!

Boss first of all you tell what product you are selling?  How such stupid ads are getting approval itself I don’t understand!

I can only think of one explanation only for all of this: The ad guy must be some fellow from B-School with initials in its name. Ditto for the client guy. Both these fellows are smoking up some banned substance. One fellow says some nonsense concept for ad. The other fellow thinks it is brilliant. That’s all.

What you think of us? That we will watch whatever you put is it?

But we are watching only. What to do? That only is the problem.


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