Man declares to live entire life on Tree to save paper

R Correspondant

Anxiety and turmoil prevailed in the sleepy village of Jalsa, 36 km from town of Amarsinghpur, since a man who calls himself  ‘Sirjee’ declared that the will live his entire life, henceforth on a Tree.

Hordes of TV OB vans rushed to the village ala ‘Peepli Live’ to show this ‘Breaking News’. Cameramen with heavy tripods fought for vantage positions to capture this Indian Tarzan’s face. In hushed whispers, the villagers discussed about why ‘Sirjee’ would take such an extreme step when everything was going on smoothly.

‘Sirjee’ is atop a tree 40 feet above the ground in a dense forest adjoining his village Jalsa.

He survives solely on what the nature has to offer, though sometimes villagers also serve him some human-made food. While the visitors find his tree-house a precarious place to live in, ‘Sirjee’ finds it a cozy dwelling, safe from the threats of wild animals’ attack and the wastage of paper down on the ground.

“Sirjee had a stationery shop in the village and all the kids from the schools used to rush to the shop to buy books and paper. I am really shocked on hearing Sirjee’s declaration. Now as he has shut his shop, we have no option but to buy mobile phones for our children and ourselves so that they can study as suggested by Sirjee” said a bidi smoking Babu jalela on conditions of anonymity as reported by Kal Tak reporter, Sannata Varma.

All this started when Sirjee came across a media campaign of BYDEA Cellular, a leading telecom services provider. The brand tagline “What an Idea Sirjee!” is the message given by Brand Ambassador, Abhilesh Bachhpan, which is echoed by the public at large in the story, and even viewers of the new imaginative ad.

Seen above is the campaign that inspired ‘Sirjee’ to execute this revolutionary Idea!

Bhika, (who is now called ‘Sirjee’) was so in awe of this campaign that the renamed himself as ‘Sirjee’ from that day on.He even went ahead and re-named his wife as ‘Kashywarya’ and his aging father as ‘Big G’ (Gikhaji).

On asking on why he has taken this step, ‘Sirjee’ explained “See, world over, millions of tonnes of trees get cut everyday to produce paper, leading to alarming rates of deforestation.One simple idea to save paper is to efficiently use the mobile phone for large number of day to day purposes.

The new BYDEA campaign as explained by my favorite actor Abhilash Bachhpan Sirjee showcases how my mobile phone can be used as an efficient tool to replace paper everywhere. For eg: i read daily newspapers, make my shop calculations, thereby saving tonnes of paper everyday. I have even stopped using toilet paper!”

Excited about the support he is garnering from the TV crews and the local people, ‘Sirjee’ is now proposing to ask the govt. for a ‘Jan JunglePal ‘bill.

Seen in the pic is Sirjee demanding for the ‘Jan JunglePal ‘bill to the Government.

On hearing this news in the international media, The UN international Department of environmental safety (IDES) have sent their representative Mr.Karpenter to the village to investigate the matter.

Seen above is Mr.Karpenter trying to reach ‘SirJee’ on the Tree.

( The above post is a original work of fiction news. It might or might not be inspired by other sites. All rights reserved)


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