Saturday night ‘Euphoria’ !! – Dhoom Pichak Dhoom

The sheer energy, the bright throbbing lights, the pulsating songs, the beats, the rhythm, the madness, the crowd screaming and singing along… Saturday night fever had gripped Pune with the band Euphoria performing at the Shaniwarwada for the Times Pune Festival and we were thrilled to be at the second row enjoying this fiesta, thanks to our dear friend Nikhil, who arranged for the VIP Passes.

A large number of people had converged to watch the show which included Pune’s young college crowd, Army personnel with their families as well as ToI well wishers. And the band, with its 10 members, was ready to rock the crowd.

Dressed in black, but donning a red Puneri pheta, the lead vocalist Palash sen infused an energy that kept building till it reached a crescendo. It was so infectious that nobody from the audience was left untouched,  in fact all those present were transfixed by the musical magic unfolding in front their eyes, with even the elder people standing all the time.

Shaniwarwada, the centre of all the action, reverberated with mind-numbing applause. The anthem of the heroic Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo’ enveloped the audience with in its burning and bold intensity. Then followed, ‘Sab Bhoola’, a vibrant number on love’s bitter partings, followed and the crowd could be seen dancing in the aisles and waving their hands in glee.


“Euphoria has completed 12 years of its journey. We began in 1998 with a strange little song,” said Sen and before he could even complete his sentence, the crowd shouted out the name of the track that had propelled this wonderful band to stardom. As Dhoom Pichak Dhoom’ began, the audience clapped to keep the rhythm and sang along with Sen.

But it was the poetic song Mayari with its Urdu cum Punjabi overtones that lent an inimitable sufi touch to the proceedings. Sen said, “This song is dedicated to my beloved.”

As for me Mayari is one of my favorite songs,its depth and meaning is what got me hooked to Euphoria!

‘Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gully’, replete with the intoxicating beats of the dholak’ and playful lyrics had the audience dancing vigorously.

To end it i would like to say that Euphoria’s energy took us all to a state of euphoric ecstasy!!!


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