The (LOST) DAN BROWN Template

The-Lost-SymbolJust finished reading ‘THE LOST SYMBOL” last night, one of the most awaited books from one of my favorite authors- DAN BROWN.

Although expectations were sky high with this one, esp. after Angels & Demons (my fav of the lot) and Da Vinci code, this book does not fulfill my expectations.

After so many surprises in his previous books, the reader gets so accustomed to the surprises, that surprises become obvious,which i think in case of Lost Symbol has encouraged such an average response.

Also,after building up super suspense and with all that hush hush about lost word,ancient mysteries etc. etc……….finally just reveals its JUST the XXXX.(Sorry,No spoilers here!)

Now, what does Dan brown have for us here?
Having read all of Brown’s earlier works ,now, if i may say , the STANDARD DAN BROWN TEMPLATE goes something like this:

The stereotypical Dan Brown Template-

All this happening in a day’s time…

‘Random’ologist summoned by (Dr/Father) XYZ to embark on mission to save (Earth/Religion/God) from ‘till recently dormant’ enemies….

An impossibly ‘Brainy Beauty’ enters scene….

Random + Brainy Beauty set off for wild adrenalin filled goose chase ….

While on the run Solve a couple of puzzles that baffled men for centuries …

A hidden treasure/secret that no one will find..

A weirdo assasin communicating with Random…..

Secret rituals combined with a new scientific technology…

Get betrayed by XYZ….

Enter a “i am always strict and maintain a ginger eaten face” officer

Sudden flashes of seminars while running for life…

Miraculously escape…..

Random n Brain Beauty make out…..

and Dan Brown lives happily ever after on royalties received from the next Tom Hanks dud.

Having said all this, i m still a DB fan and hope that DB trusts us, his avid fans,who will not ditch him IF he writes a novel,which,just for sake of argument,does NOT hold at stake USA’s national security,or so to say end of the world !!


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