Farewell Yoshito Usui : Creator of SHIN CHAN

shin-chanThis post is to pay tributes to the Japanese Cartoonist Yoshito Usui whose death (Sep 30 2009) has left many mourning. The announcement of his passing came following confirmation that the bruised body of a man found on a mountain was that of the creator of the popular Crayon Shin-chan manga and anime series.

Usui made his debut as a manga author in 1987 and sprang to prominence in the 1990s with Crayon Shin-chan, which features the daily life of Shinnosuke, a mischievous five-year-old boy. The series ran regularly in a magazine and was later made into a book and anime.

The manga, which has sold 50 million copies in Japan alone, has been translated in 14 countries, while the anime has been aired in 30 countries.

Shinnosuke (SHIN-CHAN) embarrasses his parents and kindergarten teachers as he often pulls down his trousers and shakes his hips while cracking indecent jokes.

Yoshito Usui will always be remebered for giving us our favorite character Shin-chan.The hearts of all his fans go out to his grieving family.


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