“Hello..It’s kshitija calling..”

The day had a very lazy start, was outta bed around 11 in the morning but was quite lazy to go hunting for grub.. made a couple of futile attempts but on each occasion my relatively high inertia persuaded me to stay indoors… so I jus decided to stay in my room till 12.30 and then head to college for lunch.(free food from dabbas ”u know..)

Was tryin to browse the net on my lappy in  my room while cursing myself for choosing bsnl net connection( connection drop frequecny:- 87 %)  when my cell rang.. was a bit surprised that somebody was tryin to reach me on my private mobile and not my  general mobile.. it was even more stranger cuz the only people who reached me this way were the close ones in college and most of those had packed off for their homes the night before, following the end of the trimester 3 exams and were heading for Summers.. a bit confused I answered the call.. a very strange voice on the other end quipped “Hi Avi, How are you doing?”. Me still confused replied, “I’m doing good, who’s this?” and it did sound a bit strange when I heard “It’s Kshitija calling from Delhi!”. Why would somebody who’s never called me from Pune now call me from Delhi!!

I’ve never been gud at recognizing voices on the phone and it gets even worse when I’m speaking to a person for the first time, but kshitu’s voice on the phone was a bit of a turn off to say the least. I said to myself ‘How could somebody who sounds so good in person have such a squeaky voice on the fone!’ Nevertheless, she said that she was getting bored in the new place and just decided to gimme a buzz and was about to hang up asking me to call her later. Just then I realised I didnt have a number to call her on and asked for her if this was her mobile no, but she was a bit zapped at this request and did sound a bit ‘off-guard’ and hung up sayin ‘Nope..this is not my number..I dont remember my number, maybe you could get it from Suhas!’

I got back to my lappy, thinking it really was a bit strange for someone who remembers my mobile number to not remember her own mobile number! About 15 mins later my ‘not-so-perfect’ afternoon was disturbed yet again and this time it was somebody knocking at my door. As soon as I opened the door I got the answer to why kshitu’s voice sounded the way it did and why she did not remember her own mobile number.. the answer was all of 5 feet 5 inches tall standing at my door – Siddhu. As soon as I saw him, I knew beyond a touch of doubt that it was he who’d tried to pull a fast one on me. But he continued with his all-too-innocent look pretending to be absolutely clueless about what I was talking, but after a few mins he did confess the call he’d made from his new cell number and we both exploded into peals of laughter.

By then it was around 12.30 and the two of us headed out for college and as we were approaching the parking lot, I thanked God that it was siddhu and not kshitu who was sounding so squeaky on the fone… and coincidentally as I type this I get a call from kshitu and this time it really is from Delhi and after having spoken to her on the phone for the first time, I am quite relieved to say that she not only sounds gud in person but also really does sound just as gud on the phone as well 🙂



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