Is Shin Chan a bad role model for kids?

Don’t know if many of you watch cartoon shows or not. But if nothing interesting playing on the idiot box, then cartoon channels are my only savior. I know we all are expected to grow out of them but then some of us still remain a child at heart.

Cartoon shows are no more what they use to be, at least not from what I can remember from my kiddy days. Today in India we have tons of TV channels which are solely targeted at young children as their main audience, all thanks to the Cable Network revolution. These channels not only showcase Indian programs but bring together various kinds of shows from all across the world.

Most of these shows provide nothing more than innocent entertainment value, while some are more focused on spreading basic education and good manners. However over the recent months, the actual impact of some of these fictional characters on young minds has resulted in a great deal of worry for parents.

And here is one prime example.


shin chan
shin chan

 Shin Chan

is one of most popular Japanese cartoon series across the world. Its Hindi version titled “Shin Chan” is aired on a popular kid’s channel, Hungama TV. Though Shin Chan may appear to be just another regular kindergarten going child but don’t they often say that “looks can be very deceptive”.Shin Chan often uses fairly impolite language, argues with his mother practically on all occasions, misbehaves at school with his teachers and friends – all of this obviously shown with the excuse of simple ignorance of correct behavior due to his very young age.

  Personally speaking, my neighbour  six year old kid is forbidden from watching Shin Chan. The reason is simple “He teaches bad things”, so says his mom.  And quite frankly I can understand why she feels so. In my opinion a character like Shin Chan is more apt for teenagers and adults who love watching animated series such as The Simpsons and South Park. But by allowing children below 10 years of age to follow Shin Chan’s lead could surely result in negative implications. Especially when the concerned character is shown disrespecting his family members, mocking and passing rude remarks towards strangers and his school teachers, pulling down his pants in class room, etc.

Shin Chan’s weird and extremely inappropriate behavior is exactly what makes him popular among young kids. For some he is just a cartoon but for many in that age-bracket he is a role-model.

Now whether Hungama TV opts to give into these complaints by taking the series off air or instead continues to carry on without any hitch – well it is something only time will tell and until then Shin Chan will carry on with his unruly ways.


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