My GD/PI Experience…

Finally… my CET gd/pi is over after a very long wait
Venue: Sinhgad inst of Mgmt (SIOM) ,Pune
Date: 17 May 2007
Time: 11:00 – 11:45
Reached ther at 10:50 am..gud enuff considering the inst. is 15 kms away frm main pune city and is situated atop a hill ..(literally)..had to walk atleast half a km on a zig zag hillway coz cars n bikes wernt allowd beyond a certain point..

Huffing n panting made my way in to the bful large campus…

Filled up a form ..its the same form whch is given here..signed my attendance on a sheet n then aftr 5 mins we wer calld for the GD

Out of a batch of 14 ,, 12 wer present…all guyz L
1 fella closely resembling john abrham (unshaven)came in wid his gf ! ha:
evry1 stares @ her..john to staff :can shee wwait here till my gdpi
staff: ( mind) no not at frnds allowd
In to the ACseminar hall..panel of 3 all male..middle age
The topics were :

1) Dotcom or Doubtcom (?? Wot was that)
2) Management like Swimming Cannot be Taught in a classroom through lectures (selected)

no time to think..start rite away
An oversmart guy stated that thee first topic wass fr engineers so v shd select the second one. (who said dot com is only fr engg?? Wot funda maan)
— Whispers —
The panelist then askd to raise r hands fr the second topic
Unanimously all hands (including my)went up.
All went good ..the gd took the turn of practical v.s theoretical..n I chipped in wid few points like dhirubhai –no mgmt teaching – reliance , 1 more exp of a person I knw etc etc .so practical more imp..though both go hand in hand…bla blah..
Only 2 ppl did nt speak ..n again d oversmart guy showd his motivational skills n askd that guy 2 speak.. he blurted out 3 -4 words..that nobody cud hear

The panelist then askd us to conclude in 1 min..

Then suddenly out of the blue.1 guy started in hindi ..agar ek chal raha hai aur ek gadi pe jaa raha koun jaldi pahuchega??
All of us wer too stunnd to reply
He smilled n said “joo gaadi pe hai woo”
Evry1 – WTF
He meant that an mba will give ua push in the job profile..(he later told me..coz was is the same panel as me fr PI)
All in all.. a decent healthy GD. No fish market


PI lastd fr abt 15 mins..
Panel of 2
P1 : Strict male
P2 : Not interested male
I: urs truly J

I: Good afternoon , sir
P1 ls take u r seat
P1 : profile frm n hall ticket
I: (gives it to him)
P1: Intoduce urself
I: blah ..blah..
P2: what is the full form of MESCOE( mycollg)
P1: what r qualities of a manager
P1: wots ur family backgrnd?
P2: so ur father is a mech engg?
I :yes sir
P1: ur B.E comp.. n IT field is why dt u join s/w cmpny..boom…money
P2: so u a fresher?
P1: wot if u dnt get this yr?
I: job nw, mba next yr
P1: wot do u want to do after mba?
I: job exp..then entrepeunership
P1: explain
P1: wot did u discuss in GD?
I: mgmt cant b taught in collgs…….gyaan
P1: wot hobbies?
I:writin, blogging ,reading
P1: wot is blogging
I: I blog @ ~ ‘ ~ wElCoMe tO my insane world ~ ` ~
P1: wot u write in it, hw many visits? How long has it been
P1 to P2 : nethg u like to ask?
P2: No, u may leave
I: thank u sir

Soo it was a chillax need to worry.
Evrytgh ended in 2hours flat…startd at 11 n ended at 1
Soo dnt take tension..all will go well
everything said & jus hoping for something gud on 10th june
bt I still thk LUCK plays a imp part in cet gdpi.

Hope this helps
Best of luck for those yet to give their gdpi
i will rest nw..


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