Ye hai Gadhagiri

Let me take the honor of introducing the term ‘Gadhagiri’. It means stupidity coupled with stubbornness. I guess since the inception of Humans and Asses (Donkeys) in this world, we have been making remarks at fellow humans with the analogy of Asses.

‘You smart ass’, ‘Gadha kahin ka’, ‘Ass*o**’,etc.

Smart ass

A lot of outrageous and even obscene remarks have long been associated with this poor animal. So much so that the fleshy part of the human bottom that we sit on have become a synonym appearing in all dictionaries. Today the ass-word is so common that one may find its usage in all age groups from Kids to Grannies and Grandpas. Such is its popularity despite the tag of taboo and vulgarity still hanging with it. But who cares, at times we take a deliberate pride in using against others as a satirical remark.

The big question still remains unanswered. Why did we choose the beast of burden- the donkey (Gadha) for such derogatory remarks? In spite of the fact that it helps people especially rural forks and Dhobis (Washer-men) in day to day activities like carrying baggage and burdens. Since time immemorial we have been distorting the image of this innocent animal. But since the damage has been already done nothing much can be done to restore the pride of donkeys by merely writing a blog on this subject. Rather I have now started perceiving the whole idea of the ‘Gadhagiri’ in a different context. With Sigmund Freud’s evolutionary theory working out to be true and thereby donkeys attaining more capability to exercise its brain, I am sure this animal should take this as a matter of pride of being compared with superior animal – the humans!!! Also they would have to accept the fact that their stubbornness is also the cause of their notoriety. After all humans are not stupid enough to blindly use anything or anyone as an analogy or simile. The donkeys shouldn’t be much offended and ought to realise that ass-words are hardly used in the context of extreme evil or bad as social or domestic animals like dog, bitch, etc. Think about any movie and dialogues, one may rarely find the actors, in a high emotional frenzy roaring like ‘Gadhe main tera khoon pee jaunga’, ‘Maa Kasam main ek ek gadhe ko chun chun ke maroonga’. A goon or gunda is never treated in equivalence with donkeys.

Let me elaborate more on the special term which I have coined “Gadhagiri”. Its usage and meaning is more close to “Dadagiri’ than ‘Gandhigiri’. The former is used highly with negative connotations while the latter is used with the ‘Gandhian ideology’ which is very positive, sometimes too idealistic to be followed by many in today’s world. On the other hand, Gadhagiri is like being obstinate to take a stand on some foolish idea and stupid enough to fight for a petty cause with an air of arrogance. Displaying bossism like a dada and being firm or stubborn (like Gandhigiri) but for an irrational cause. Irrationality becomes the principle and ego takes the prime front in one’s personality for people who are inflicted with ‘Gadhagiri’- syndrome. Some are born with this syndrome, some acquire it and few just excel in this without ever realizing that they are suffering from this syndrome. One may find such people in all walks of life. It seems it is so prevalent that sometimes we resort to ‘Gadhagiri’ without even realizing it. This behavioral pattern can be found in streets, busses, trains, homes, schools, etc. – almost everywhere.

But as I said, most of us display this behavior occasionally. And for those with this innate quality in them, just can’t help it. It gets pretty difficult to deal with them and only option left for us is to defend ourselves with ‘Gandhigiri’- a weapon to make the person realize that he has become more of an ass than a human.


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