How to save BSNL dataone broadband bandwidth

Yes.. you get a bandwidth of 256 kbps and monthly data usage limit of 1 GB, for BSNL dataone connection. You got to save your bandwidth, if you want to get 100% from it.
I am going to give you various tips to do that.

Tip # 1:

Disable automatic update to most of your windows programs.

You can increase your online security to some extend by turning on the automatic updates !!!!

But what you ask is for more bandwidth, then turn them off !!!!!

You can safely turn it off for the following programs:

** Your windows Operating system

( he he you can turn it on only if you have a genuine version on your system !!!)

** Firefox browser
( it sliently downloads a file of about 9 to 10 MB in background without your consent as a serious security update 😀 !!!)

** Adobe products (like acrobat reader)

** Any other product you know…

BUT I recommend to turn it **on** for your Anti virus program !!!

I guess by doing this you can save your BSNL Dataone broadband bandwidth to some fairly good extend

Use Firefox + Adblock + Flashblock for net browsing.

Yes… Firefox is a wonderful browser and it has useful extensions too…

So download firefox first to save your bandwidth.

After installing firefox, now install an extension called adblock.

Then install another extension called flashblock.

Both of these stop unwanted flash adds from showing in your browser and thus save your download time and save bandwidth for you !!!


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