Angelina + Brad + Autorickshaw + PR

Who knew that the Monday evening TV news will be filled with the Angelina and Brad rickshaw chase? Or the snafu/scuffle that a photographer got into at the hotel with Angelina’s bodyguard?

Extra Extra, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight ran the story, the local evening news folks talked about it….I found the story in every channel.  I suspect it was the second hottest news after the Google acquisition of YouTube.

If you have not seen the famous couple’s ride in the autorickshaw here are a couple of places where you can see them. Here is Brad peeking out of the auto, here is the couple smiling …notice the guy in the green shirt and blue jeans  astride a motorbike? Now, that is the person who will have really interesting stories about this whole auto chase. I bet you that will be one of his all time favorite stories.

Can you believe that there are over 500 news items on Angelina and Brad in India? You can Google it. I kind of feel bad for these folks here….they probably had no clue of what to expect. They probably thought it might be like Nambibia where they were able to cordon off  the hoi polloi. Not so in India folks. We love our movie stars…why, we even have temples built for them (Khushboo and NTR). The word darshan comes to mind…just a jhalak (a peek, a glimpse), a darshan (a sighting) will do.

The hotel they are staying is not tucked away in some remote corner of Pune.  It is on a pretty well-travelled road and you simply can’t miss the hotel when you drive into Pune.

I guess we have not heard the last of Angelina and Brad’s joyride in Pune. Who knows maybe somebody will espy them at the famous Poonawalla ranch? My bet is that we will see some pictures of the couple celebrating Diwali that is just round the corner. The bursting of crackers, the diyas etc. might just be the kind of thing that this family might enjoy….I wonder if they will catch a Hindi film…you know what I won’t be surprised if they do… Don? What do you think? Any ideas?


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